1. Is NigerStar 7 a Nigerian entity?

NigerStar7 is a Nigerian joint venture company that brings together the engineering, installation and project management expertise of Globestar (a subsidiary of Subsea, the global seabed-to-surface company, in Nigeria), with the fabrication capacity and capability of Nigerdock (a subsidiary of Nigeria’s Jagal). We are a Nigerian company.

2. What are your expertises in the industry?

We are an EPCI company that specialises in both shallow water and deepwater engineering. We specialise in Hook-up revamping of FPSOs and offshore facilities. With our partnership with Global Oceon, we thrive in FEED and detailed engineering. We have made our name in pipelaying and offshore management and fabrication with our latest technologies of pipe-in-pipe heated technology available for the deepwater sector. NigerStar7 is a name to reckon with both in onshore and offshore project management.

3. Can NigerStar 7 support herself in executing her projects?

With assets ranging from a fleet of versatile vessels for both pipelaying and construction works as well as revamping projects and with our well- equipped fabrication yards in both Warri and Snake Island, we are more than capable to carry our major scopes of works that may be required of us.

4. How can I get into working for NigerStar 7?

You are welcome to submit an unsolicited application with HR@nigerstar7.com Should there be any open positions, these are normally advertised via accredited sourcing firms with the most open and transparent procedures. NigerStar 7 ensures the brightest and best are hired to join our team while giving room for gender equality and best practise. CONTACT