Nigerian Local Content

NigerStar7, we are fully committed to the Federal Government's “Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Act” and strongly believe in its benefits for the Nigerian nation.

We are committed to developing Nigerian skilled labour and maximizing in a sustainable manner, the use of Nigerian human resources, materials, equipment and services. We harness every potential to enhance the future of Nigeria and its citizens. We have been developing the industrial fabric of the country even before the Nigerian Content Act was passed into law.

Having maintained this policy in the last decade, we have contributed through our intensive investments over the years to the development of the Snake Island Fabrication yards as examples of the numerous steps that has been taken in this direction.

With an independent and dedicated training school at Nigerdock, we undertake the training of Nigerians in specialized programs such as pipefitting, welding, plating and machining. This training school also certifies graduates to international quality standards. Thus far, over 6000 personnel have received training in a range of skills. Over 350 Nigerians have trained under NHCDi, circa 300,000 man-hours achieved and over 109 trainees currently working with 250,400 man-hours to be achieved.

With a substantial capital injection in infrastructure upgrades over the past 18 months at Nigerdock, new equipment, machines, paint shops, rolling and can assembly shop, new offices, accommodation, warehouse and refurbished and new load-out quays have been put in place.

  • Establish Project Management and Procurement teams in Country and integration of a maximum number of Nigerians in key positions.
  • Fabrication, construction, assembly and integration of Steel Structures is executed with NigerStar7 owned and managed resources with the utilization of Nigerian manpower.
  • Provision of gainful and sustainable employment for Nigerians.


We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations and consistently ensure compliance with the Nigerian Content Act.